New items for 2018

In January 2017 Thistle Club made it's first 'award' of funds.
The award was for £250 to support Zsofia Josef to attend Summer School to take the Unit 5 course to complete her RSCDS Teacher qualification.  She completed the course and passed her exam, and we are happy to say she has agreed to come and teach our Dayschool on September 7th 2019.

In February 2018 our second award has now been made.  £250 has been awarded to assist Rostislav Garbuzov with the cost of travel from Nizhny Novgorod in Russia to Summer School in St Andrews.  This talented teenage accordionist has been granted a scholarship to attend the Summer School Musicians Course. As he is a minor the cost of travel is particularly onerous as his father Vladimir, will need to accompany him. Thistle Club are very happy to be able to make this award and we hope Rostislav will enjoy playing for Scottish dancing for many years.